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Modern-day décor and design have really taken the use of concrete to a new level. Both concrete sealing and paver sealing are necessary now more than ever. There are so many different types of concrete and different applications that it is almost hard to keep up with all the natural beautiful applications. Concrete is obviously being used in the more conventional areas such as sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and industrial buildings. But now in the modern era, we are seeing concrete being utilized in custom countertops, stamped concrete on walls and walkways, and many other distinct areas. Concrete and stamped concrete has really been put into use in the commercial industry and has shown up in many more places such as restaurants and offices.

From movie theaters to shopping malls, concrete flooring is really the answer for the vast amount of foot traffic that these venues get. Concrete is a must for large areas of square footage.

Not only is concrete extremely effective for larger areas, but concrete is also very affordable and can be stained, stamped, and painted for a beautiful design. As long as the concrete, either stamped or textured is properly sealed, the concrete product is an awesome solution for long-term usage. Concrete is by far the easiest to keep clean when it has the appropriate concrete sealing solution. Concrete sealer is not a long drawn out process and can be very fast to have done to your concrete or stone surfaces. Concrete is a variety of minerals and can be very sensitive so the sealing process is definitely a must. Also, concrete does not keep odors that other carpet type surfaces can do. It’s easy to keep clean and much less maintenance once the concrete sealing process has been done.

To say the least, not only are the smooth or textured concrete surfaces and the stamped concrete areas are very popular, but they can also really handle excessive amounts of foot traffic and wear and tear. It is extremely important that both the stamped concrete surfaces and smoother concrete surfaces are properly prepared and sealed. In both the new home construction and the hospitality industry, concrete is now a standard in both new construction and remodels. Concrete is even being used now in the countertop industry, both for residential and commercial usage. It can really create a modern look that is very popular in this trendy modern décor era.

What’s so fantastic about concrete is that it is a unique product made of so many different minerals, each giving a special color or texture to the end product. Concrete can be easily manipulated and dyed to match specific color spectrums. When concrete is stamped, it can take on several design aspects as stamping molds can be custom made to coordinate with the design preferred. Concrete is being used on so many surfaces and so many areas, it is important that the concrete is properly prepared by pressure washing and sealed to prevent wear and tear and keep it lasting for many years to come.

If you are going to have an outdoor surface that is going to utilize either a plain concrete, textured surface, or a stamped concrete finish here in the Orange County area, it will be crucial that the correct preparation is done and the sealer is placed on the product to protect it from our sunny and humid elements and high traffic that it may receive. More likely than not, concrete and stamped concrete products are used in high traffic areas in both residential and hospitality industries. When concrete is properly prepared and sealed, it is extremely affordable but is truly a beautiful enhancement to any design.

Using concrete in commercial areas such as kitchens where there can be massive amounts of water or even grease, it is imperative that the concrete be properly prepared and sealed. Sealed concrete, when used on walkways and driveways can even withstand the major oils from vehicles and heavy traffic. Sealed concrete can handle major disasters and actually be easier to clean up compared to more fragile products such as wood or even tile. By properly preparing and sealing the concrete, it won’t break, chip, or crack and can really last a lifetime. In the more heavy traffic areas and commercial areas, sealed concrete can be easily cleaned and it is very easy to pressure wash old concrete that has already been sealed and reseal concrete after a proper removal process.

Here at Orange County Sealing, we are the experts in the process of putting a professional sealer product on all of your concrete surfaces. We have the most elite trained staff in the industry that takes complete pride in all of the concrete sealing processes. We handle everything from start to finish. The first steps include the pressure wash of the surface to make sure the concrete is completely clean and free of any particles that would show up in the sealing process. Once the pressure wash is dry, we then proceed with the actual concrete sealing procedure. At this time you are able to choose from many different finishes for your specific area.

We are able to provide everything from a matte finish, a regular sheen finish all the way to an extreme wet look. Any finish that you can imagine, we can provide you with for all of your concrete surfaces. We are also the authorities when it comes to putting a new sealing on an existing older concrete surface. Our crews can clean the oldest of driveways and bring back the appearance to its original new condition. Visit our ABOUT US page for more information.

There is no job too small or too large. We can provide concrete sealing to everything from the smallest residential patio or pool deck to jumbo jobs such as commercial malls, shopping centers, and larger entertainment venues. Orange County Sealing is the number one stop for any and all of your concrete or stamped concrete needs. CONTACT US today for your no-obligation personal estimate. Our friendly staff will come to the area you need to have sealed and give you an estimate right on the spot. We understand you have a busy schedule and can accommodate appointments even on the weekends. We service the entire Orange County area. We are always prepared and always on time.


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